At Davison Church of England High School, we seek to deliver a fully inclusive offer; built on positive, respectful relationships, in a safe and caring environment.

Our family ethos ensures every pupil receives the individual support and care needed to build confidence and maximise their potential. We strive to overcome barriers and celebrate successes enabling every child to develop into a happy young adult with high aspirations and a clear vision for their future.

Our Pastoral Structure
Each year group has a Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year who oversee the progress and overall wellbeing and engagement of each child in the year group. In addition to this each class has a form tutor who supports and mentors each child enabling them to participate fully in school life and get the most out of their time at Davison. Together the Form and Lead Tutor provide the foundation of care within school; knowing your daughter and being the consistent and approachable members of staff, she can turn to for support, advice and mentoring. We have high expectations of behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality and our pastoral team are responsible for ensuring the school standards are maintained, through positive role modelling and the use of clear and consistent boundaries when necessary.

We have a significant non-teaching pastoral team including Pastoral Managers, Student Services officers, Personalised Learning Coordinator, Careers Lead and a Wellbeing Lead who also support aspects of the pastoral care within our school.

Our colour families
We have ten colour families and each form in each year group is allocated to a colour family. All interform competition is run through the colour family system, and the colour families organise community and charity events together under the leadership of colour prefects.

Our colour families enjoy daily worship and fortnightly assemblies together and successes are regularly celebrated.

Our Pastoral teams are also supported by:

Miss H Fox (Assistant Headteacher KS3)
Ms S Binney (Assistant Headteacher KS4)
Mrs J Lewis-Tutt (Deputy Head Teacher)