Elections were held for the 2021/22 Senior Team and we are pleased to announce the following;

  • Head Girl – Aoife O’Driscoll
  • Deputy Head Girl – Freya Hudnott
  • Deputy Head Girl – Jessica Pascotto
  • Sports Captain: Lily Jackson
  • Senior Community Prefect: Caitlin Howie
  • STEAM Prefect: Alba Braham
  • Head of Equality and Diversity Prefect: Rachel Finlay

In addition, the following students were appointed as Heads of each of our Colour Families. Their appointments were based on the scrutiny of their application forms and on interviews with their respective Lead Tutors.

  • Head of Blue Family: Isabella Deluca-Smith
  • Head of Gold Family: Imogen Bates
  • Head of Green Family: Poppy Hodge
  • Head of Orange Family: Isabelle Mudie
  • Head of Pink Family: Scarlett Cosson
  • Head of Purple Family: Sydney Craddock
  • Head of Red Family: Matilda Phipps
  • Head of Silver Family: Daisy Guiver-Bristow
  • Head of White Family: Seren Fletcher
  • Head of Yellow Family: Georgia Goldman