Celebrating Success

There are lots of positive rewards happening throughout the school, which we are looking to enhance and change the culture!… and make achieving cool. Through an updated, more consistent, clear, and fairer system, we will recognise and reward even more deserving students. Some of the ways that we will celebrate success at Davison are:

  1. Key Stage Celebration Assemblies
  2. Attendance Awards
  3. Learning – Effort and Academic Achievement – Subject Awards
  4. Sporting Triumphs
  5. Engagement e.g. Accelerated reading programme
  6. Community and Citizenship involvement
  7. Colour family Stars and Interform Events
  8. ‘True Davison Girl’ recognition
  9. ‘Celebration Walls’ – showcasing work and accomplishments
  10. Headteacher Commendations

Rewards and My Pledges

Through ‘My Pledges on FROG you can make your contribution to school life visible to your Form Tutor. All you need to do is click the app link, select your pledge, discuss with your Form Tutor, and then wait for approval. Each pledge contributes to your rewards at Davison