The Governing Body

When considering the powers, duties and responsibilities of the School’s Governing Body as a whole, note must be taken of the following two-part definition contained in the ‘Guide to the Law for School Governors’:

  • ‘The Governing Body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to
    promoting high standards of educational achievement’ (Section 21, Education Act 2002)
  • ‘Governors should act at all times with honesty and integrity and be ready to explain their actions
    and decisions to staff, pupils, parents and anyone with a legitimate interest in the school’.


The second part of the overall definition is clearly stating that accountability is at the heart of school governance. In
has been summarised in a very helpful way, as follows:

  • Assuring high standards of education
  • Ensuring value for public money by demonstrating efficient and appropriate allocation of resources
  • Ensuring effective school management and organisation
  • Ensuring that everything is done and everyone is operating to common, agreed aims and objectives