Pupil Premium was introduced by the Coalition Government in April 2011 to provide additional support for vulnerable children and those from low income families.

Research evidence shows that students from disadvantaged backgrounds often do not perform as well as their peers.  Pupil Premium is provided to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience of these students; to raise their attainment for improved progress and academic success.

As a school we are committed to supporting our students to achieve their best possible outcomes no matter what their background.  The Davison core values underpin our Pupil Premium Strategy to help and inspire students to thrive, flourish, shine, excel and achieve.

We believe that all our children should have opportunities to succeed in life no matter what challenges they may face and strive to do all we reasonably can to ensure that they leave us as successful and well-rounded young people; having been supported and guided to develop the skills, confidence and self-believe to reach their full potential.

For the current academic year, the school’s Pupil Premium strategy includes the following:

  • the school’s pupil premium grant allocation amount
  • a summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school
  • planned allocation of pupil premium funding to overcome those barriers and the reasons for that approach
  • how the impact will be measured
  • the date of the next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy

Additionally, for the previous academic year there are details of

  • how the pupil premium allocation was spent
  • the impact of the expenditure on eligible and other pupils

Free School Meals

Please see the link to apply for Free School Meals (FSMs) via West Sussex County Council.  Eligibility will depend on what other benefits you might be entitled to.  Unfortunately, school have no say in this process.

Once entitlement is confirmed, a daily allowance of £2.35, the equivalent to the cost of the hot meal of the day – main dish and dessert, is added to your child’s biometric account.  You can, of course, top this up if you wish.  Our cashless biometric payment system gives complete anonymity to anyone in receipt of FSMs.

Eligibility to FSMs also gives access to extra government Pupil Premium funding which the school receives. This enables us to help your child to have a positive experience at school and achieve their best outcomes, by providing additional resources to support their learning, such as intervention teachers, contributions towards curriculum trips and other educational equipment.

Don’t miss out…

Is my child eligible?

From 1 April 2018, free school meals in all West Sussex maintained and free schools and academies are available to pupils in receipt of, or whose parents are in receipt of, one or more of the following benefits: