Solar Panels at Davison

In July 2019 964 solar photo voltaic cells were installed on the rooftops of parts of the Davison building.

The system is owned by the council and we still have to pay for the electricity we use, but the cost to us is much cheaper than usual. Any electricity we don’t use is sold back to the grid to be used by anyone!

We have a 265 KWH (Kilowatt hour)​ system, which is as big as the existinginfrastructure could manage​, and there are 2 systems​. One covers the main buildings, and the second system covers the Wallis building and Leisure Centre.








What does it cost the school?​

​As the whole system is owned and maintained by West Sussex County Council, these panels were free to us!

West Sussex charge us for the electricity we use with the panels, but they maintain the system and so they continue to be cost-free for us.​

​We are charged a much cheaper price for electricity, which started at 8.5pence per kwh but is linked to inflation, so is currently approx. 9.5 pence per unit. Energy companies are currently charging over 35p per unit at least. When the school usage is low, we are doing our bit by providing electricity to the surrounding area!

Use the links below to see how much energy we generated yesterday!

Main School Building

Leisure Centre