Information on 2021 Options process

Dear yr 9 students and parents/carers,

Like many things in 2020 and I imagine in 2021, we are having to run the options process in a Covid-19 secure way this year. See the following process below. Please note that all of the presentations and videos giving information will have a dedicated area of the website so that parents/carers can also see what information is being shared with their daughters. See website location at the bottom of this page.

  • During December, subjects communicate with students via loom /video presentation or in person via current teaching sets. Please note that teachers of subjects already studied in year 9, will often like to speak directly to their classes. New option subject teachers all give a presentation to all students – so this year, that will be a video or powerpoint.
  • Students will also have some time in PD lessons to discuss options.
  • There will be an up to date booklet with all course information by the middle of December- last year’s booklet is on the website currently and there are only minor changes.
  • Week beginning 11th January,  Mr Davies will launch the option process for students via video presentation which will be shown during form time.
  • 11th January options online opens for students to make their choices ( this can be revisited and changed up to the deadline date).
  • Thursday 21st January subject consultation evening – online face to face with current teachers.
  • Thursday 28th January options evening online- a chance to have face to face online meetings with subject leader and/or with Mr Davies as Deputy Head for Curriculum/ Miss Binney Assistant Head for Key stage 3.
  • Wednesday 3rd February Sims options online closes at 4:00 pm so no more changes can be made.
  • by Easter students will know which options they have or don’t have, and which ones are running /not running.
  • after this time the option blocks are decided and students moving around is only possible if numbers allow. Please note that is not possible to switch between options once yr 10 has started! ( in September)

Watch subject videos and download information

Browse the new 2021 Options Booklet