Information on 2024 Options process

Information on 2024 Options process

Dear Year 9 students, parents and carers:

Please note that there is a lot of detailed information on our website under the “Learning banner”. The “curriculum description and option pathways” gives an overview. The “Key stage 4 options” and “Key stage 4 options subject information” gives a detailed view. Note the timeline and the detailed Options Booklet will be updated by the end of the Autumn term.

The timetable for the options process is:

  • During December and January there will be opportunities for students to watch videos from our website explaining how different options subjects work. There will also be a detailed booklet explaining how the process works and course content for individual subjects.
  • Students will also have some time in PSHE lessons and form time to discuss options.
  • There will be an options booklet with all course information uploaded to the website.

Week beginning 22nd January 2024

The options process launches via a video presentation shown during form time/assembly to year 9.
Students will receive a ‘Forms’ options questionnaire so they can choose their options preferences..

25th January: Options Evening – Presentations at school explaining the options process and how years 10 &11 works. There is also an opportunity to speak to subject leaders, colleges and career advisors.

21st February: deadline for options – at this point the numbers gathered will inform the classes we put on for year 10 next year.

Up until Easter Mr Davies will speak to students whose choices may not be running or for whom there are clashes. After Easter it may be possible to change but this will be dependent on class numbers.

You will find out which Options you have by Easter. 

Information booklets and presentations: