2019 Validated results


Achieving 4+ in English and Mathematics


Achieving 5+ in English and Mathematics


Progress 8

2021 GSCE results

‘I am delighted to announce that the students of Davison CE High School for Girls have achieved very positive results which fully reflect the high standards achieved by their predecessors. This cohort, and other students nationally, have had to cope with a great deal of concern regarding the way in which their results would be accurately predicted. I have no doubt that, in the absence of full examinations, the teacher-assessed process of predicting grades gives the most accurate reflection of the commitment and potential shown, by all students, throughout their GCSE studies.

The results issued are every bit as valid as those achieved by any previous cohort. They were awarded by colleagues with many years of collective experience who worked closely with our students on a daily basis. It is a pleasure to see so many smiling faces after what has been such a difficult 18 months for these remarkable young people.  I have no doubt that they will all continue to achieve great things as they move forward. My sincere thanks go to our staff, governors and the students’ families for all the help, support and encouragement they have given over many years.’

Chris Keating, Headteacher

Claire Heron, Assistant Headteacher and Head of KS4, also commented:

‘Class of 2021, from start to finish, you have been an exceptional year group who have managed to get through an extraordinary educational experience. I am so proud to see that you have achieved such pleasing grades. You have worked hard for these results and they are fully deserved.’

Claire Heron, Assistant Headteacher and Head of KS4

The following 8 students achieved 8 or more Grade 9’s

Tara Buxton, Molly Cartmell, Sajidah Chowdhury, Esther Frank, Amelia Macleod, Emma Phillips, Henny Sonnemann-Petty, Elisha Wood

The following 10 students achieved 5 or more Grade 9’s

Charlotte Caley, Daisy Cross, Mia Koszel, Emma Oakley, Estelle Scullard, Yohansa Bandaranayake, Emma Hall, Emily Batchelor, Bethany Morley Davis, Kayshale Suganthan.


Key Stage 4 (KS4) (end of secondary school) results

Key Measure20182019
Progress 80.170.6
Attainment 846.9556.4
Attainment in English and maths - percentage of pupils achieving 5 or above in GCSE English and maths42%60%
English Baccalaureate (EBACC average point score (APS)3.934.84
Percentage of pupils that enter English Baccalaureate (EBACC) staying in education or going into employment after Key Stage 497%98%