Year 7 – Rulers and the ruled, in the Medieval and Tudor periods

  • 1066 and its impact

  • Power in Medieval England

  • Magna Carta

  • Peasants Revolt

  • The Crusades

  • War of the Roses

  • Richard III and the Princes in the Tower

  • Henry VIII

  • Edward VI

  • Does Mary deserve the title ‘Bloody’?

  • Why was Elizabeth I a successful Queen?

Year 8 – Power and protest from the 17th century

  • The Gunpowder Plot

  • The causes of the Civil War

  • Life in Stuart England

  • Why were people scared of witches in the 17th century?

  • Why did England execute their King?

  • Oliver Cromwell and his Commonwealth

  • Restoration, Plague and Fire – the reign of Charles II

  • Glorious Revolution

  • French Revolution

  • American Revolution

  • Why was the Industrial Revolution a time of protest?

  • What was it like to be a child in Industrial Britain?

  • How should we remember the British Empire?

  • Slavery

  • Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement

  • The Windrush Generation and their impact on Britain

Year 9 – Conflict and Cooperation in the twentieth century

  • The assassination of JFK

  • The Suffragettes

  • Was Emily Davison’s death suicide or an accident?

  • Why did some women get the vote in 1918?

  • The troubles in Ireland

  • Partition

  • Bloody Sunday

  • Can there be lasting peace in Northern Ireland?

  • Causes of WW1

  • Key events of WW1

  • Local History project based on a WW1 soldier

  • Treaty of Versailles and its impact

  • League of Nations

  • Mussolini’s Italy

  • How did Hitler gain power in Germany?

  • Life in Hitler’s Germany

  • Causes of WW2

  • Key turning points of WW2

  • Can bombing civilians be justified?

  • Genocide over time, including the Holocaust

  • Thatcher’s Britain – why was her rule so controversial?

AQA GCSE History

Year 10

Paper 2 – Power and the People

  • Power in Medieval England

  • Magna Carta

  • Peasants Revolt

  • The Pilgrimage of Grace and its impact

  • Long term causes of the Civil War

  • The consequences of the executing Charles I

  • Oliver Cromwell and his Commonwealth

  • Consequences of the American Revolution

  • Parliament and protest in the 19th century

  • 19th century social reformers and the growth of Trade Unions

  • The campaign for women’s suffrage

  • The campaign for equal pay

  • Trade Unions in the second half of the Twentieth Century

  • Immigration to Britain, the Windrush to the Brixton Riots

Paper 2 – Elizabethan England

  • Elizabeth’s court and Parliament

  • Life in Elizabethan times

  • Troubles at home and abroad

  • Study of the Historic environment, site will change each year

Year 11

Paper 1 – Russia 1894-45

  • The court of Nicholas II and the problems of autocracy

  • Bloody Sunday and the 1905 Revolution

  • Stolypin and Rasputin

  • WW1 and the end of Tsardom

  • Why did the Provisional Government fail?

  • The November Revolution and the rise of Bolshevism

  • The Russian Civil War and NEP

  • Why did Stalin become the leader of the USSR

  • Stalin’s economic policies

  • How did Stalin control Russia

  • The Great Patriotic War

Paper 1 – The Cold War in Asia

  • China’s Communist Revolution

  • Causes of the Korean War

  • Consequences of Korean War

  • Why did America become involved in Vietnam?

  • Tactics of the US and Vietcong

  • Why did the US withdraw from Vietnam?