Ruthie McGrath, 8 Silver and Molly Davies, 9 Green

Both Ruthie and Molly were awarded Blue Peter Badges for their amazing efforts during lockdown. Read on to find out more…

During the first lockdown, I made rainbow magnets for every house in my road, 14 in total.  I also made cream teas for my Grandad and an elderly lady from our church so that they could celebrate VE day, even though I couldn’t be with them.  Shortly after this, I was awarded my blue peter badge!

Ruthie McGrath, 8 Silver

This badge is about being eco-friendly and what you are doing to help the environment. For my application I made a homemade bird feeder from an empty water bottle, a spoon, and some string. I also made a hamster cage out of two, old plastic storage tubs, some mesh wiring, and some duct tape. The cage is still standing today. I decided to apply for a blue peter badge when my DT teacher – Mrs Green – told us about them in class. She mentioned that they were difficult to get so I thought I would set myself the challenge of getting one. About a month later I received my green blue peter badge!

Molly Davies, 9 Green