GCSE Results Day

We are delighted to announce that the students of Davison CE High School for Girls have achieved very positive GCSE results which fully reflect the very high standards achieved by their predecessors in the 2019 round of national examinations.

86% of students achieved a standard pass in English Language.

77% of students achieved a standard pass in Mathematics.

75% of the cohort achieved standard passes (Grades 9-4) in both English and Mathematics.

60% of the cohort achieved strong passes (Grades 9-5) in English and Mathematics.

77 students achieved five or more GCSE’s at Grade 7 or above (Equivalent to the old Grade ‘A’). This is 30% of the cohort.

12 students achieved at least five Grade 9’s. (The highest grade possible.)

A special mention must go to the following 7 students who achieved seven or more ‘GRADE 9’ GCSE grades:

Lilah Peace, Alba Braham, Matilda Phipps, Daisy Guiver-Bristow, Abigail Clay, Cerys West, Lena Nicholas

We would also like to commend the achievements of a further 20 students who achieved at least nine GCSE’s at grade 7 or higher:

Lauri House, Lorelei Knopf, Tiffany Lai, Katie Chen, Jess Thornton, Lina Sharp, Katie Kendall, Annabelle Holland, Eleanor Dew, Laura Edwards, Meggie Duncan, Sky Cook, Caitlin Howie, Imogen Bates, Becky Lee, Ava Manvell Macdiarmid, Lily Sleight, Abi South, Ivy Figari, Ruby Walsh.

“I would like to congratulate our students on achieving excellent results! They have worked extremely hard and shown such resilience in overcoming the many hurdles that they were faced with. I am delighted to see that their collective effort has paid such dividends. I wish this incredibly talented and enthusiastic year group the very best of luck in their future studies. I have no doubt that they will continue to achieve great things as they move forward. My sincere thanks go to our staff, governors and the students’ families for all the help, support and encouragement they have given over many years.”

Mr Chris Keating, Headteacher

“I am so proud of our Year 11 students!  They truly deserve these wonderful outcomes in view of all that they have endured throughout their GCSE studies. I wish them all the best of luck for the future.”

Ms Sarah Binney, Assistant Headteacher and Head of Key Stage 4