Summer School 2021!

Well done to all our new Year 7 students that attended Summer School. We welcomed up to 188 students a day and it was a pleasure to have you in school when it was relatively quiet.

Amongst some of the activities were treasure hunts, cake baking and creating glitter globes whilst learning about Davison values. We also got to hear early opinions from the year sevens on the school, the staff and the food.

Miss Fox (Assistant Head Teacher, KS3) was integral to making the days a success and had this to say:

“It was with great joy we were able to welcome so many of our new year seven students into the school for Summer School. It was a wonderful few days, full of smiles and laughter and it was especially lovely to see new friendships forming amongst the young people. We ended the group feeling excited about this new year group joining our school and becoming fully fledged Davison students.”