"We as prefects strive to succeed in all that we do for our school. We are approachable students who inspire every girl that goes to our school to try their very best in all that they do." Senior Team Mission Statement

Senior Team & Prefects

Elections were held for the 2019/20 Senior Team and the shortlisted candidates were interviewed by Mr Keating, Mr Clayton, Fern Whitnell-Sale(Head Girl 2018/19), Willow Hamilton (Deputy Head Girl 2018/19) and Liberty Lawrence (Deputy Head Girl 2018/19).

The following students were appointed:

  • Head Girl – Anna Owen
  • Deputy Head Girl – Tess Milner
  • Deputy Head Girl – Isobel Perry

In addition, the following students were appointed as Heads of each of our Colour Families. Their appointments were based on the scrutiny of their application forms and on interviews with their respective Lead Tutors.

  • Isobel Davey - Blue
  • Isobel Johnson - Gold
  • Felicity McGregor - Green
  • Isobel Langmaid - Orange
  • Moushira El Naggar - Pink
  • Evie Martello - Purple
  • Samira Sikder - Red
  • Macy Warland - Silver
  • Olivia Saimbi - White
  • Bo Coles - Yellow
  • Olivia Heep - Senior Community Prefect
  • Leya Garratt - Sports Captain
  • Amelie Gilford - Head of School Council
  • Mollie Jameson - Christian Ethos Prefect