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ECO Team

At Davison CE High School, we believe that sometimes the small things make a big difference. This is why we have an Eco Team.

The Eco Team is a group of girls, who are passionate about the Environment and the world around us, and agree that if the Eco Team starts to cut down the waste emissions and carbon footprint of the school, we could start to make a big difference. In particular, it focuses on recycling, litter, energy, water use, care of the environment around us (school grounds) and Pollution.

Through planning individual projects such as planting bulbs, dispatching scrap paper trays to every classroom in the school and making jam and chutney for the Winter Fayre, the Eco Committee has managed to achieve the Bronze award, Silver award and ultimate Green award, besides much more. Due to this, Davison is now officially an Eco School and continues to work hard, producing many projects that help the Environment and world around us.

The Eco Team is made up of 2 Eco reps in every form group, volunteers or nominated by their form tutor. They are responsible for organising form litter duty, emptying of the recycling bin and any other initiatives they wish to implement. The Eco-Club meets every Thursday after school in Sc4. Please see Mrs Dodd for more details.