Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education Department Policies

Key Stage 3

Students in year 7 have 5 hours of high quality PE over 2 weeks. In Years 8 and 9 they have 4 hours per fortnight. During this key stage, students will be taught knowledge, skills, and understanding through the following areas of experience:

1. Invasion games to include rugby, football and netball
2. Striking and fielding to include Kwick cricket, stoolball and rounders
3. Net and wall tennis
4. Gymnastics/trampolining
5. Dance
6. Athletics
7. Fitness
8. Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Key Stage 4

Students in Year 10 will have 4 hours of core PE per fortnight. They will opt to follow either a games or aesthetics pathway for the year:

Games Activities
Field Games

Aesthetic Activities

More emphasis is based on extending the students' skills practically and introducing them to leadership skills and qualities and encouraging them to take on different roles and responsibilities within lessons.

At the end of Year 10 the students choose which route way they want to follow in PE for Year 11. They get to choose from 4 different 'Teams', each of which is based around a different selection of activities. More emphasis is based on the students participating in activities they will continue to enjoy when they leave school to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Year 11 will have 3 hours of core PE per fortnight.

The teams are:
Ennis - Fitness & recreation
Tweddle - Aesthetics activities
Lewis - Games
Holmes - Games, fitness and aesthetics mix

Examination Courses in Physical Education

We are currently offering 2 examination courses in PE.
BTEC First Certificate in Sport (EDXCEL)


Staff: Mrs J Anstey, Ms S Binney

At Key stage 4 Dance students learn analytical skills through observation and study of professional works They gain confidence in their own ability as performers and develop skills in leadership and organisation through choreography.

Students have the opportunity to take part (solo or group pieces) in many events in and out of school such as 'showcase performances' for Open Evenings and other occasions, demonstrations, Youth University, visits to professional shows and dance competitions.