Drama in year 7,8 and 9

Drama is taught for 2 hours per fortnight in Key stage 3 by specialist Drama teachers.

We also role play aspects of Personal, Social and Health Education through role play.

The Drama Department at Key Stage 4

Drama GCSE is on offer as an option in years 10 and 11.

The emphasis is on practical work. Students work with published scripts as well as creating pieces of individual work. However, there is a written exam at the end and students will need to complete essay questions in this. See our options bookelt for more detailed information.

Students should be prepared for extra-curricular involvement if they opt for Drama. Homework will mainly be rehearsing with other girls, so it is important to be flexible and to be prepared to stay behind on a regular basis. Theatre trips are an essential part of the course too; the more plays that are reviewed, the better. We always go the theatre in the evening, so students do not have to come out of any other lesson.

There are regular whole school productions performed in the Summer term which are extremely popular and enjoyed by all.