Curriculum Support

SENCO: Mrs N Roberton

We believe that every child is entitled to a broad and balanced education and we endeavour to ensure, by means of special provision where necessary, that the needs of all pupils are addressed and their potential fulfilled.

Objectives of The Curriculum Support Department

  1. To identify pupils with individual or Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities and to assess the nature and extent of these needs.
  2. To include in our area of responsibility not only those pupils with learning difficulties, but also those with other needs such as:-
    • Behavioural, emotional and social problems
    • Physical or medical difficulties
    • English as a second language
    • General underachievement
    • High ability of any kind
  3. To ensure that pupils receive the most appropriate help available.
  4. To assess each pupil regularly.
  5. To take into consideration the wishes of both the pupil and her family.

How do we achieve these objectives?

One or more of the following strategies are adopted:-

  1. Mentoring.
  2. In class support from the Curriculum Support Team.
  3. Temporary withdrawal from class for individual help or small group support.
  4. Support from a non-teaching assistant.
  5. Assistance from outside specialists.
  6. Offer of an Alternative Curriculum at KS3 and KS4 where necessary.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy