Curriculum Enrichment

There are lots of extra-curricular activities at Davison involving sports, public speaking, gifted and talented opportunities, STEM to name but a few. The advice to students is to grab every opportunity.

Able Pupil Policy

To help learners who have demonstrated high ability and capability to develop their personalities, skills and abilities intellectually and socially.

To provide teaching which makes learning challenging, enjoyable and targeted for these pupils to realise their full potential.

An able Pupil is one who demonstrates a significantly higher level of ability than most pupils of the same age in one or more of the curriculum areas or in any of the flowing areas:

Physical talent
Artistic talent
High intelligence
Mechanical Ingenuity

Able pupils can be:

Good all-rounders
High achievers in one area
Of high ability but with low motivation
Of good verbal but poor writing skills
Very able but with a short attention span
Demonstrate poor social skills
Keen to disguise their abilities

We will identify learners who are achieving or have the potential to achieve higher than average for their year group and ensure that teachers are aware of their needs and make suitable provision for them. This process will be supported:

Through tracking sheets
Discussion with colleagues and parents
On-going assessment using open/differentiated tasks
Collation of evidence
Enrichment activities/courses
Observation and feedback