"the curriculum better prepares pupils for the demands of the new GCSE"

OFSTED October 2017


Our goal is that our students live life in all its fullness and flourish as God intended. We want to give every girl a better future.Our curriculum is designed to help them achieve this.


Our Intent

The morality of our values- Trust, Hope, Endurance, Forgiveness, Friendship and Thankfulness are at the heart of the Davison family ethos.

Academically, students thrive in a calm and purposeful environment. Students' life chances improve as their Numeracy and Literacy improve and their progress in this area is a key focus. Well resourced and highly qualified staff deliver programs of study based on high expectations and the belief that students' can go beyond their best in all areas of the curriculum.

Our assessment system is based on the growth mindset theory and involves the use of key performance indicators and personal learning check lists. Our students become independent learners as their assessment develops in partnership with their teachers. 

Parents and carers are instrumental to students' progress and we endeavour to involve them as partners in their daughters' learning journey.

We believe that the timetabled lessons are only a part of the curriculum at  Davison and we encourage all members of the Davison family to fully immerse themselves in the life of the school. As well a our "Colour Family System" there are numerous opportunities for personal development outside the classroom. Our reward systems and Davison Pledge also reflect this.

The many life changing extra curricular opportunities at Davison help students to:

  • exceed their academic expectations

  • become confident, successful and responsible young women

  • understand Christian values whatever their beliefs and faith



The experiences on offer both within and outside the timetable are designed to give students a broad and balanced experience. The curriculum is reviewed each year and adjusted to ensure that:

  • our resources are used effectively

  • subjects have the correct time allocation and content

  • the subjects on offer are in line with our intent

  • we comply with the national curriculum

  • it is relevant to our new students and our students as they progress to post 16.

We regularly review and monitor the curriculum content through lesson observations, subject line management and data analysis of  student progress,attendance and behaviour. Our continuing professional development sees teachers as reflective practitioners, ensuring that we read and utilise the most recent educational research.

We ensure that able students are challenged, those with additional needs are supported and all have the opportunity for enrichment.

Summary below:



The Impact on our students

Our aim of giving every girl a better future is realised in our academic results and evident in the wonderful young women who leave us at to go onto further education and training.

Our system of Key Performance Indicators using the FROG platform is in its fifth year of development. This was our "Growth Mindset" take on life after levels and we now believe is having  a significant impact upon our students academic outcomes. At key stage 3 this has helped our students become much more independent learners so that they are able to start their qualification courses as with the tools they need to succeed.

Our progress 8 scores have been consistently at least above average in national comparisons. In 2019 we broke all of our school records for the all of  headline measures for progress,attainment and attendance.

We are confident that our first full cohort to experience five years at Davison completing their qualifications in 2020 will continue this success.

See the link below for our summary of GCSE results from 2019.

As well as our headline measures an English Language standard pass (grade 4+) rate of 91% and a Maths GCSE 7+ pass rate of 30%(twice the National average) were particular highlights.

Most pleasing was that students of all abilities made similar and excellent progress overall.