Community Action

Davison places itself firmly at the heart of its community. It has a longstanding tradition of volunteering and fundraising and the support has been for local, national and international projects.

Only last year a group of 14 Year 9 students engaged in fundraising through the student World Challenge Programme so that they could help build a school, Marantha Community Academy, in Ghana.

Every year our Year 9 students support were assigned to a particular good cause during the 2014 Enrichment week form groups were assigned to: Chestnut Tree House, Ferring country Centre, Guildcare, Link to Hope, Oakgrove school, Palatine School, Queen Alexandra Hospital Home, RSPB Pulborough, Springfield First School, St. Georges Church, The Community House, Worthing Churches Homeless Project and finally, Worthing Scope.

Our Community Prefects are fully engaged in Charity fundraising in school. Many of them are volunteers for Youth University and their efforts go on to be recognised by the Diana Awards Programme. Over the years, 50 or more students have been recipients of the Diana Award.