Family Forum

Dear Parents/Carers,

Your views on school improvement are very important to me, as is the opportunity for me to hear about difficulties you may be encountering or indeed the questions you feel need answering in more depth. In view of this, the first communication I sent home, to all families, outlined my intention to create a 'Family Forum' here at Davison. The aim of the forum is to improve any aspect of the school for students in general or parents/carers in general. We are not privy to the conversations that go around dining tables in the evenings but we can, at least, explain our thinking and listen to any issues which impact on families in a way we may not have previously considered.

The forum membership list is open to any parent/carer who would like to register on our mailing list. All you have to do is email my PA, Mrs Jean Page  or write to her at the school address.

The one 'golden rule' is that the items we discuss are for the good of the students/parents as a whole or at least the students/parents within a year group. Issues which are more personal than that can be managed within the day-to day pastoral systems we have art present.

Our first forum meeting focused on:

  • explaining our Homework policy
  • why we have changed to mixed ability classes in Year 10  English
  • when to start preparations for GCSE's
  • forthcoming industrial action
  • marketing the school better in future years

We aim to meet only once in each full term (3 times per year.)

Each meeting last approximately 90 minutes!

Please feel very welcome to come along. I am sure we can work in partnership for the good of the school.  All parents/carers on our mailing list will be invited through the Parent Bulletin.

Chris Keating