How Parents can Help

We want to enable parents to become involved as much as possible with their daughter's learning. We believe that our system, based on straightforward principles, will allow them to do this.

When assessing, our teachers take a snapshot of how a student is doing relative to where they should be, or what is expected of them.

Periodically, teachers make very simple judgments against each learning objective while thinking - will we need to do something extra for this child or not? 

So our judgments are:

1. Not taught
2. Attained
3. Not attained yet

Every child should be at 'attained'. No Maths is needed, No complicated rules. Just a list of learning objectives and a flag that says whether there is an issue or not. it couldn't be easier.

In this approach, we are showing progress through the real detail of what each student needs to learn, not through the level progression we used to measure.

So, parents, how can you help?

The Exemplar standards are available for each learning objective or Key Performance Indicator on our online curriculum here. These will help you judge what the expected standard is (they should be labelled with the key things that are needed to show progress). You can find Exemplar Standards  in the Learning Locker

On your report online, you will be able to see whether your daughter has attained the KPI. If she has not attained it yet, click on the Learning Locker and find the Core Resources for that objective. You could work through them together until she feels confident in her understanding.

If she has attained the KPI look in the Extension Resources folder to check on how her knowledge can be extended and deepened.

How might this work in practice?

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