In 2018 66% of students achieved passes in both English and Maths. 70% of students achieved 5 or more good GCSEs. 

Exam Results

2018 GCSE Results


I am delighted to announce that the students of Davison CE High School for Girls have achieved the following results in their recent GCSE examinations.

70% of the cohort achieved 5 or more STANDARD passes at GCSE.

84% of the cohort achieved at least a STANDARD pass (Grade 4) in English.

69% of the cohort achieved at least a STANDARD pass (Grade 4) in Mathematics.

Our Progress 8 figure is a provisional +0.2 but we expect this to change when the new national coefficients are calculated (This will take a while). Attainment 8 was calculated at 5.2.

Many staff and students are adjusting to the new numerical Grade 9-1 system which now operates across most subjects. Grade 9 is the new top grade which is only achieved by around 2-3% of students nationally. We are really pleased to announce that 70 top grade 9’s were achieved with 34 students each achieving 5 or more grade 7-9 passes.

A special mention must go to Carla Scullard who achieved the highest grade possible in all of her subjects (an astonishing nine Grade 9’s and an A*!) Special commendations also go to the following 9 students who achieved 7 or more Grade 7-9 passes (equivalent to Grade ‘A’ and above) with three or more Grade 9’s included:

Rosie McIlrath, Ayana Playle, Grace Elwood, Rosie Frank, Githmi Bandaranayake, Jessica Christie, Sharon Nwobi, Cerys Stringer, Constance Starns.

“I would like to congratulate our students on achieving such positive results. It is wonderful to see that their hard work has paid such dividends. To have achieved such high quality results at a time when the bar has definitely been raised is remarkable. I wish them all the very best of luck in their future studies. My sincere thanks also go to our staff, governors and the students’ families for all the help, support and encouragement they have given over many years.”

Yours faithfully

Chris Keating